Carolyn Eckert

This project started because I had the opportunity to work with a number of young designers in a few places. All of the designers were smart and creative and had ideas of their own, but they also craved specifics about how to move their ideas forward. I wanted to help. In order to show them how to proceed, I made a list, and the list turned into this book. 

A graduate of The Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Graphic Design, I have designed books, magazines, museum catalogs, limited edition letterpress volumes, logos, signs, and telephone operating systems. As well as being a designer, I have also had the opportunity to be a cashier, a waitress, an advertising agency intern, an art reference librarian, a computer instructor, an office manager, a letterpress printer, a bookbinder, a design consultant in classes at Smith College, Amherst College, University of Massachusetts, and the Radcliffe Publishing Course, an art director, a photoshoot producer, a kid wrangler, and a mother. All of the different people I've met along this wiggly path have each taught me a little bit about how people think, and how to approach and solve problems in all different ways. This book shows a few things I’ve learned from those experiences along the way.

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